Weihnachtskuchen 2012 – eine Bildergeschichte

Ich hab euch ja  hier schon von meinen (zeit)aufwändigen Vorbereitungen für den 2012er Weihnachtskuchen erzählt.

Nun also der Rest des Dramas:

Nachdem besagte Trockenfrüchtemischung nun schon seit ein paar Monaten meinen Käse einschüchtert, habe ich mich ihm kurz vor Weihnachten erbarmt und die Gläser endlich aus dem Kühlschrank ausgezogen.

Und da ich das Rezept grad nicht zur Hand habe, hier eine kleine Bildergeschichte:

Butter und Zucker
Die „Eier“ kommen hinzu

Das Rezept verlangt nach 9 (!) Eiern.

Ich habe

  • 2 Eier weggelassen,
  • 3 Eier durch Lein-Eier, und
  • 4 Eier durch Apfelmus und etwas Natron ersetzt.
Der fertige Teig.
Die Trockenfrüchtemischung für den Weihnachtskuchen
Die Trockenfrüchtemischung stößt dazu.
Der fertige Teig.

Irgendwann zwischen dem Anfang und Jetzt muss auch noch Mehl dazugekommen sein.

Der Teig mit der empfohlenen Backform

Auf dem Bild ist es nicht recht zu erkennen, aber der Teig passt NIE IM LEBEN in diese Backform (die eh schon größer ist als im Buch angegeben)

Der Teig mit der alternativen Backform. (3cm breiter)

Die alternative Form ist auch eher ne Notlösung, wie ihr hier sehen könnt:

Teig in der Form.
Explosion nach einer Stunde im Ofen.

Nach einer Stunde (von Dreien) im Ofen: der Teig explodiert!

Noch mehr Explosion.

Nach besagten drei Stunden:

Processed by: Helicon Filter; KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

ohne Worte
Das fertige Monster – sieht gar nicht mehr so schlimm aus.

Sieht gar nicht mehr so schlimm aus!

Fertig, mit Deko

Vor allem wenn noch ein bischen Deko dazukommt!

Nachdem wir ihn angeschnitten hatten, kam schnell die Erkenntnis dass dieser Kuchen tatsächlich ein Monster ist.

Kein Kuchen, sondern eine KUCHEN!

Durch die Eialternativen ist er sehr saftig geworden, außerdem sehr massiv und extrem süß.  Nach ein paar Bissen bin ich satt, nach ein paar Bissen mehr ist mir schlecht und ein ganzes Stück schaffe ich nur an einem guten Tag!

Aber sehr lecker, und definitiv ein Erlebnis.

Habt ihr auch schon mal solche Monster gebacken? Bei denen mal Anlauf nehmen muss um sie zu essen?

Mal schauen was ich nächstes Weihnachten backe … ist ja nicht mehr so lange hin

The truth shall make ye fret

In my experience this sentence is all too true.


About a year and a half ago I started listening to the Vegan.ch-podcast. Mostly because I like listening to people speaking swiss-german dialect, but also because I was genuinely interested.

So I listened to a few episodes. And a few more …
And I read some more …

End of story: No more eggs for me. (I’m not consequent, I’m still eating cake and biscuits at other peoples homes, and I’m still baking with eggs from my mothers neighbour.)
But I don’t buy any eggs don’t cook them.

It’s really no big deal.
The only problems I’m having are with bread dumplings (not my everyday dish), spätzle (same here), pfannkuchen (the indians manage it egg-free, so I will too) and – above all – a variety of cakes.

There are all sorts of egg substitutes, apple puree, soy flour, bananas, baking pouder, you can get the whole list here (you have to scroll down a bit, also it’s in german).

I spend the year testing some of them and mostly found them wanting.

One of the freakier methods – and the only one really working for me – is the use of flax flour.

Because it tends to turn rancid I keep it in a glass in the fridge.

To substitute one egg you need about one teaspoon flax meal.
Here I’m making three ‚eggs‘.

You blend the meal with a litte water, making a thick paste.
Adding more water ( about three teaspoons per egg) you can either mix it by hand or use a blender.
The mixture thickens very quickly, becomming very gooey – just like real eggs are.
Did you notice that there is some sort of internal cohesion to beaten eggs? Like they tend to slip out of a bowl in one go? Or that it’s virtually imposible to seperate one teaspoon of egg from the rest of it?
Same here!

You just don’t see it in the picture.

Now I just have to put it in the freezer for about a quarter of an hour and then: let there be cake!

And in case you’re wondering why I go through all this trouble,
the boys from vegan.ch are happy to tell you.
Just click here

Sitting happily in the fridge looming over the cheese

I want to introduce to you a new project of mine.
It’s got nothing to do with painting or colours … but a lot of creativity will be involved – and a lot of sugar too.

Those of you who have known me for a few years may have noticed my

  • love of baking experiments
  • fascination for traditional christmas cakes overflowing with dried fruit
  • forays into a vegan lifestyle

If you combine all of these aspects you create a critical mass which you can trigger by throwing a baking book into it.

In this case was Cakes from around the World by Julie Duff which did the trick.

I found a recipe for a ‚Caribbean Rum Fruit Cake‘ calling for
450g currants
450g raisins and
250g sultanas among various other dries fruits, spirits – and 9 eggs.

I’ll be trying to substitute the eggs with … something (I’m thinking apple pulp or pumpkin, but I’m not really sure … ).

If you have any experiences in this area and/or can recommend any books/webpages/communities – please let me know. I will happily read/listen to anything you may suggest

For the cake – which will be readdy on christmas day – you do a fruit mix which will quite happily sit in the fridge for 2 or 3 month
needing only the occational stir.

This is what it looks by now:


I’m sure it’s planing to take over the fridge.


On a personal note:
I started this blog with the intention to keep it strictly to my paintings (wall, paper and otherwise).
But my interests are so widly spread, my inspiration so diverse and there are so many other things – besides painting – which I want to tell you, which I think might interest you …

What I don’t want to do is a look-what-happend-to-me-today – diary, I just want to tell things someone might benefit from.

Any thoughts? Please tell me.


On another personal note:
I hate to post so irregular. I was planing to post every few days, but – the bit BUT – It’s just not working. I just don’t find the time, the means, the content … so please forgive me if there are times when you have to wait for me to say something.
It’s just like in real life.

tastes like cardboard

I’m afraid when it comes to rye flour I’m a little prejudiced.
I don’t like the greyish colour, the dough is sticky and smells funnny – and I think it tasts like cardboard.

Nevertheless you need it to make such great things as bread!
Which I have.


Annika over at ‚im grünen Himmel‘ has this ongoing series on taking little steps to self-sufficiency.
Her last entry was about baking bread.
I took a simple recipe and it was indeed very easy. Time-consuming, but easy to make and I have control over every single ingredient.
AND it tastes great!

I have to do this again some time soon (if only because I have a glass of sourdough in the refrigerator …).