new ink

Lately I’m pretty excited about writing ink. You may have noticed. Every other month I go and buy another bottle of ink, another shade of colour. This months selection is called ‚morinda‘ and it’s an interesting variety of red.

The name ‚morinda‘ is a bit strange. There is as a genus of flowering plants in the madder family (Rubiaceae) called Morinda. Another genus of the madder family is Rubia tinctorum – dyers madder. So there is a loose connection between the term ‚morinda‘ and an a plant which you can use to dye red. Maybe the company producing the paint are aware of this? I think they are because the shade of red you get from dyers madder and the shade of red you get from painting with this morinda called ink are quite similar.


As shades of red go, this is one slightly on the yellow side of the spectrum. It also looks a bit like blood, and smears on the back of your hand look a lot like scratches or bruises and will get noticed.
Halloween season is good to go!

new ink
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