How far away is ‘far far away’?

When I was a kid they told me that space was unimaginably far away.
Trusting person that I am, never tried to. Imagine it.
Later they told me that the border to space is not THAT far away but 100km up,
and I took it for granted that it still was unimaginably far.
When they told me that there are places on earth where the sea is farther away than space, it was OK, I always thought that it had something to do with altitude. Continue reading

Birds Are Awesome

Why Alice Lost Her Balloon

There’s a new addition to out ‘parade of the kitchen’.
Need to think of a name for it. ‘Catwalk’ springs to mind, but I believe there need to be cats present for it to be allowed the name ‘catwalk’, don’t you think?

Nevertheless there are two gentleman with balloons now accompanying the team. They appear to have red beards. Continue reading