One thousand eleph- no, the other blue thing…crocus!

About two weeks ago I visited ‘Zavelstein‘ which is, among other things, famous for it’s Crocus fields. It’s a health resort at the border of the ‘Swabian Black Forest’, the kind of place you visit when you’re over a certain age, like the quiet, nature and good cake.
They even have a mineral spring and a castle, which is now a ruin.

Bad Teinach - Zavelstein

Bad Teinach – Zavelstein

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When painting a flowerbed, do it one step at a time

How time flies! When I told you about my February paintings I mentioned also painting the wall again and promised to talk a bit more about it.
That was about three weeks ago, and so far I’ve told you nothing.

This however, now changes.
Last summer I’ve painted Abnora and the purple coneflower and told you about my plans for creating a painted flowerbed in our hallway, do you remember?



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What to call a cat pendant made of clay? – Catlem?

A couple of years ago I found at an arts and crafts fair a potter which made, among other things, cat-shaped clay pendants. I instantly fell in love with one of it, bought it, and wore it quite often.
Sadly it broke some time ago at the tail.

broken cat pendant

broken cat pendant

Since then I’ve been searching for a way to create my own cat shaped pendant.
Can’t be that difficult, I thought.
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There all the leaves have gone

Last year I’ve told you about me taking part in a Spanish art contest, sending drawings to Spain and actually winning one of the main prices.

Now, all my stuff has finally arrived safely back home. (Actually it arrived a few weeks ago, but I’ve be to busy to tell you about) As you may have guessed, the prettiest leave of all the three is of course the bronze one. And its sitting on the Tolkien part of my our book shelf now. Continue reading

Memories of Aglarond

green necklace

necklace made from green agate thread and appleseeds

We would tend these glades of flowering stone, not quarry them. With cautious skill, tap by tap – a small chip of rock and no more, perhaps, in a whole anxious day – so we could work, and as the years went by, we should open up new ways, and display far chambers that are still dark, glimpsed only as a void beyond fissures in the rock.

Gimli, J.R.R.Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings II

And then sell the splinters on the Internet.
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From Sweden with Love

I’ve just claimed my blog on Bloglovin.com. Yes, they really do call it that.

So, if you’re into that sort of thing you can now follow this blog – and all your other favorite ones – via their web services.
To add my blog to you’re collection, just click on the image below:

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I’m still working on integrating pictures into they’re vignettes, to make it look a bit more sexy…