Sitting happily in the fridge looming over the cheese

I want to introduce to you a new project of mine.
It’s got nothing to do with painting or colours … but a lot of creativity will be involved – and a lot of sugar too.

Those of you who have known me for a few years may have noticed my

  • love of baking experiments
  • fascination for traditional christmas cakes overflowing with dried fruit
  • forays into a vegan lifestyle

If you combine all of these aspects you create a critical mass which you can trigger by throwing a baking book into it.

In this case was Cakes from around the World by Julie Duff which did the trick.

I found a recipe for a ‚Caribbean Rum Fruit Cake‘ calling for
450g currants
450g raisins and
250g sultanas among various other dries fruits, spirits – and 9 eggs.

I’ll be trying to substitute the eggs with … something (I’m thinking apple pulp or pumpkin, but I’m not really sure … ).

If you have any experiences in this area and/or can recommend any books/webpages/communities – please let me know. I will happily read/listen to anything you may suggest

For the cake – which will be readdy on christmas day – you do a fruit mix which will quite happily sit in the fridge for 2 or 3 month
needing only the occational stir.

This is what it looks by now:


I’m sure it’s planing to take over the fridge.


On a personal note:
I started this blog with the intention to keep it strictly to my paintings (wall, paper and otherwise).
But my interests are so widly spread, my inspiration so diverse and there are so many other things – besides painting – which I want to tell you, which I think might interest you …

What I don’t want to do is a look-what-happend-to-me-today – diary, I just want to tell things someone might benefit from.

Any thoughts? Please tell me.


On another personal note:
I hate to post so irregular. I was planing to post every few days, but – the bit BUT – It’s just not working. I just don’t find the time, the means, the content … so please forgive me if there are times when you have to wait for me to say something.
It’s just like in real life.

Sitting happily in the fridge looming over the cheese

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