all the birds in the sky IX

So, what’s with all the birds? And the sky?
Don’t know about the sky, but I can tell you about the birds….

Like so many great ideas it started as a passing remark.
Some time ago (over a year) at a birthday party there was this felted long-tailed tit (a present for someone else) and a friend upon seeing it says something like:

„This is great! Would you mind doing a blue tit for me?“

And without thinking my response was:

„You know what, I make you a whole mobile!“

Well, here we are:

What do you think?

all the birds in the sky VIII

There are just two more birds to go. I’ll cover them both today, so next time I can finally show you what my secret felting project looks like (after about an hour of tedious assemblage.)
The last seven birds all were flying, these two are sitting at rest on top of a little branch.

The black bird is a very common bird in Europe and it’s English name is … um … blackbird (or merle). In Germany we say Amsel (or maybe Schwarzdrossel.)

An then there’s the other one. It’s one of the brighter birds, especially in winter around the bird feeders. In German we call it Gimpel or Dompfaff, the English term is bullfinch.

Can you guess what I was working on?

all the birds in the sky VII

I want to show you another bird today. This ist the last one of the flying variety. There are two more to come, but they are more of the sitting kind. Well, not really, but I felted them in a sitting, and watching, pose…

I’m sure you all know this one, it’s one of the most common birds in european at the bird feeding sites come wintertime. In English it listens to the somewhat …. unfortunate name of great tit. I think I like the german term Kohlmeise better.

all the birds in the sky VI

Time for yet another bird. Today it’s a chaffinch also known as common chaffinch, or Buchfink. I struggled a bit with the colours on this one, the reddish tones on the belly and cheeks turned out to be quite challenging. Also did you notice that it’s got green on it’s lower back? Did not know that.

all the birds in the sky V

So there’s this new felted bird I’ve got for you. It’s called an ‚Eurasian Redstart‚. Don’t mistake it for a ‚black redstart‘, which is – unsurprisingly – a lot darker and has only a red tail. In German we say ‚Gartenrotschwanz‚ and the other, darker one is a ‚Hausrotschwanz‘ (because it fell down the chimney or something – I don’t know…)