all the birds in the sky VII

I want to show you another bird today. This ist the last one of the flying variety. There are two more to come, but they are more of the sitting kind. Well, not really, but I felted them in a sitting, and watching, pose…

I’m sure you all know this one, it’s one of the most common birds in european at the bird feeding sites come wintertime. In English it listens to the somewhat …. unfortunate name of great tit. I think I like the german term Kohlmeise better.

all the birds in the sky VI

Time for yet another bird. Today it’s a chaffinch also known as common chaffinch, or Buchfink. I struggled a bit with the colours on this one, the reddish tones on the belly and cheeks turned out to be quite challenging. Also did you notice that it’s got green on it’s lower back? Did not know that.

all the birds in the sky V

So there’s this new felted bird I’ve got for you. It’s called an ‚Eurasian Redstart‘. Don’t mistake it for a ‚black redstart‘, which is – unsurprisingly – a lot darker and has only a red tail. In German we say ‚Gartenrotschwanz‘ and the other, darker one is a ‚Hausrotschwanz‘ (because it fell down the chimney or something – I don’t know…)