Origami …

… is not good for me. Sadly not in the oh-my-god-I’m-so-obsessed-I-hardly-do-anything-other-than kind of way. Sometimes I have trouble with my right hand. Some kind of chronic sinew irritation … I’ve long hesitated but in the end I had to admit: folding makes it worse. So that’s it folks. At least for the near future I […]

Birds in Origami

During the last few month I’ve been sporadically folding origami figures. Beeing a bird person my motives were mostly of the feathery kind. Both, the paper I was using, and my folding skills were not very good, so I’ve often reached my limits halfway during the instructions in the books. Frustration: check! Also I’ve tried […]

Arabesque Flourish

A couple of weeks ago we finally went to the ‚Casa della Lindir‘ to fetch the origami picture I told you about. It really is gorgeous! To think that it’s just one piece of paper … and these great columnlike, arabesquish … structures, reminding me above all of greek architecture … *sigh* It’s hanging on […]

I’m not done yet

I’ve folded a lot more origami birds over the past days. And just as I got bored by the easy patterns the web presented me with a bundle of new patterns which are to complicated for my present state of mind. So I started modifying the familiar ones. And some of my results look actually […]

I’m recently into Origami

Sometimes your just can’t resist. I have a friend who is deeply into Origami. He made me this tesselation – just for fun. I’m not a very accurate person, Origami was always some sort of my Nemesis for that. But twoday I sat down used up all my wrapping paper and folded some birds. I […]

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