What I do not like about winter

10 Things that I do not like about winter:

1. 5°C and a light rain
2. leftover ‚plätzchen‘ which no one wants to eat anymore
3. christmas kitsch
4. getting sick due to a failing immune system
5. getting up early because of snow-induced trafffic chaos

6. new years day
7. no fresh vegetables
8. constant fog
9. beeing asked what a vegetarian does eat at chrismas dinner
10. the cold

What I do not like about autumn

10 Things I do not like about autumn:

1. Beeing constantly cold
2. That the birds are going
3. two weeks of overcast sky in november
4. waking up when in the dark – coming home in the dark
5. 5°C and light rain

6. Halloween
7. Having wet shoes and wet trouser legs
8. cabbage
9. All Hallows’ Day
10. brown, dead, wet heaps of leaves