Lately it’s a lot less fun painting the walls of the flat as it used to be with other … erm … flats. I thought a lot about whsy, but I’m not really sure. I don’t think its because this place isn’t … all that great. In every flat I’ve lived in so far the thought of moving has been lurking around at the horizon. Hasn’t stopped me so far. I’ve always known that I will move out some day. If nothing else this has always been some sort of carte blanche to try different things – if something doesn’t work it will get painted over some day…

Lack of creativity is another thing that I can’t accuse myself of – these days I’m sitting down daily, drawing and painting.

Maybe it’s really simple… The walls here are wallpapered with really coarse woodchhip … erm … wallpaper, which makes it quite difficult to draw on. Also it absorbs a vast amount of water and that’s not great when painting watercolors. Nonetheless there’s a new painting on the wall!

This flat has brass doorknobs, which is great. What the flat doesn’t has is doors that stay closed, which means our doors have a habit of thumping against the walls. Which leaves nasty stains.
And what do I do with stains? Exactly. I incorporate them into a painting.
And because it’s summer and it’s time for yellow flowers, I’ve painted sunflowers!

Here are some details of the flowers. Can you tell where the stain was?

And the little doors, which I painted because I saw too many fantasy drawings. Also there was something missing down there …

And that’s the surroundings. The little dragon, living in the basket, is called ‚dragobert‘ and he guards the door…


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  1. „Can you tell where the stain was?“ – Oberste Blume, rechter Blattansatz abwärts: das sieht für mich wie ein schwacher heller Fleck aus.

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