Birds Are Awesome

Why Alice Lost Her Balloon

There’s a new addition to out ‚parade of the kitchen‘.
Need to think of a name for it. ‚Catwalk‘ springs to mind, but I believe there need to be cats present for it to be allowed the name ‚catwalk‘, don’t you think?

Nevertheless there are two gentleman with balloons now accompanying the team. They appear to have red beards. Birds Are Awesome weiterlesen

Going Medieval

Here’s the next part of my kitchen parade.
It’s a medievally inspired dame – and one of those pictures where I go from wanting-to-paint-somthing-and-being-not-really-sure-what-it-will-be to oh-look-what-I-did without this little inbetween step of thinking-about-the-thing-I’m-going-to-paint.

Dear Dreisam, since you asked … the clothes are roughly inspiered by historic pieces – but nothing more!

Here’s an up to date view of the comlpete piece.

Hope you like it