tastes like cardboard

I’m afraid when it comes to rye flour I’m a little prejudiced.
I don’t like the greyish colour, the dough is sticky and smells funnny – and I think it tasts like cardboard.

Nevertheless you need it to make such great things as bread!
Which I have.


Annika over at ‚im grünen Himmel‘ has this ongoing series on taking little steps to self-sufficiency.
Her last entry was about baking bread.
I took a simple recipe and it was indeed very easy. Time-consuming, but easy to make and I have control over every single ingredient.
AND it tastes great!

I have to do this again some time soon (if only because I have a glass of sourdough in the refrigerator …).

tastes like cardboard

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  1. Oh, I made bread as well but mine didn’t look anywhere near as nice as yours. I think I put too much oil on the tray and it came out in a funny shape. At least it tasted great! 🙂

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