Long time no see – I hope you’re well! I’ve been a bit lazy lately. Not painting-lazy – I still paint a lot – but lazy when it comes to all the digital stuff. Nevertheless I took part in an art competition hosted by our local public utility company. The theme was very broad: do […]

new ink

Lately I’m pretty excited about writing ink. You may have noticed. Every other month I go and buy another bottle of ink, another shade of colour. This months selection is called ‚morinda‘ and it’s an interesting variety of red. The name ‚morinda‘ is a bit strange. There is as a genus of flowering plants in […]

Robin II

Needle felted robin, custom made for a friends little baby daughter. I really enjoy making things for other people, which gives me the opportunity to be creative and to make someone happy. Also I can make stuff without cluttering my home.So if you’re interested in some little felted bird (or other stuff) don’t hesitate to […]

still excited about ink

I’ve told you about this miraculous ink I’ve found called „old golden green“ , remember? I’m still pretty stoked about it, even bought another bottle (the first one is about to run out) So today I want to show you something. Maybe this will explain a bit about my excitement. This is a fragment of […]

I’m in love with ink

This is going to be about colours. To be precise it’s going to be about green. As I’ve told you already a few month ago, I’ve been drawing and painting a lot (still am) and I’m a bit obsessed with a particularly type of paint made by Rohrer & Klinger from Leipzig, Germany. The company […]

new look

A while back I discovered that my portfolio ( was floating dead in the water. I didn’t know how long this has been going on, maybe weeks, maybe months. Something had to be done. I decided to take matters into my own hands and completely rework the blog, this blog. The result is right here […]

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