I’m not done yet

I’ve folded a lot more origami birds over the past days.

And just as I got bored by the easy patterns
the web presented me with a bundle of new patterns which are to complicated for my present state of mind.

So I started modifying the familiar ones.
And some of my results look actually a bit like real birds.
Well … with a lot of goodwill.


I think this one looks a bit like a tit.




And this one may be a sparrow.


Or that.



I like it when the paper goes all soft and ductile. In some ways origami is more about sculpting than about acurate folding.
I used these patterns as a basis for my birds:the dove and a flying bird.

I’m not done yet

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  1. REPLY:
    I’ve to admit I don’t really know if mass center is the right term or not because I never had use for a term like that before XD so, in some cases my vocubaluray just doesn’t cover them! Sorry.

    Hmmm okay, I can’t really guess on the size of the birds so well but they look really cute 🙂 maybe as you progress you can make smaller ones if you prefer that? Good Luck!

    Oh, than I’ll totally do that 😉

  2. REPLY:
    I’m a bit clumsy when it comes to finding the mass center (is that the right term?) of the models, but I will try to hang them somewhere. Also they are ab bit to big for my liking.

    Please keep on correcting me. It’s mainly typo but nevertheless it’s good to have someone keeping an eye out. 🙂

  3. REPLY:
    I like what your say about wet folding. I think I have to give it at go, don’t I? But all in good time …

  4. You’re birds look so cute! I agree, they actually do look a lot like real birds. Are you planning on hanging them somewhere? I can imagine very thin or maybe nylon thread and hang them somewhere to swing softly in the wind…

    And what’s making me feel like a teacher:
    Yet instead of jet (a jet is a special type of plane :)) and which instead of wich – which maybe just be a typo, not sure.

    Do you want me to continue pointing out stuff like that? I don’t claim to be perfect (i make typos too, etc) but I’m pretty fluent in the English language nonetheless 🙂

  5. I’m quite impressed by what you made out of these two simple bases. What you say about sculpting being more important is at least partly true. It’s what takes origami beyond the mere geometry and breathes life into the models. But you need the geometry just the same, otherwise you stay very limited with what you can express.

    Reading about how you like the paper being soft and ductile, I think you’ll really love wet folding.

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