Arabesque Flourish

A couple of weeks ago we finally went to the ‚Casa della Lindir‘ to fetch the origami picture I told you about.
It really is gorgeous! To think that it’s just one piece of paper … and these great columnlike, arabesquish … structures, reminding me above all of greek architecture … *sigh*

It’s hanging on our window now – it kept on falling down but it finally surrendered and remained fixed.

The passe-partout has a beautiful ruby colour, a bit like the one on this blog, only deeper.
I like how the light is shining through the paper, becoming this deep yellow shade – surrounded by ruby.

Here’s some details:

You can see the pre-folding lines. There all over the piece. Imagine the effort!

Once again: Thank you very much my dear!
I’m looking forward to the many more things you will create in the future!
Happy folding!

Arabesque Flourish

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  1. REPLY:
    At the moment I’m in a state of instant-creativity – you can get me started on Anything – providing you add some time. 🙂

    The paeonia looks great. (it does not really look like the real thing – but hey!)
    Marguerite is great too – I like the „big white pices“ around the center.

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