Monat: Juli 2012

Geranium pt. 2

I told you about the red geranium paint I brewed. After the shell experience there were about 100-150 ml of the stuff still to go. I put it back in the pot (including the crystals at the bottom) and let it boil (the crysals dissolved rather quickly). Then I added 2 teaspoons of aluminium hydroxide, […]

Origami …

… is not good for me. Sadly not in the oh-my-god-I’m-so-obsessed-I-hardly-do-anything-other-than kind of way. Sometimes I have trouble with my right hand. Some kind of chronic sinew irritation … I’ve long hesitated but in the end I had to admit: folding makes it worse. So that’s it folks. At least for the near future I […]

coming home

After a weekend of beeing away from reality, having fun, making plans and not beeing trown out of the ICE-train, I’ve returned home to find my geranium shell – which was well-filled when I left – looking like this: It’s hardly surprising, considering that the plant sap consists of 99,9% water … Neither it’s completely […]


Fortune favoered me with some spare time last weekend. And so – with my boyfriend busying himself with bike preparations – I took my chances and a box of dried geranium flowers and started another attempt at producing paint. As usual the flowers were cooked in an alum solution. The crystals disolved rather quickly in […]

Urban Permaculture

I have a new book. It’s called ‚Jedem sein Grün‘ (which roughly translates to ‚Green for everyone‘, here’s the Amazon link. It’s a book about permaculture. If you’re not familiar with the term, the Internet has a lot to say about it. Basically it’s about sustainability, self-sufficiency, making do with what you’ve got and, of […]

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