The Gladden Fields – Project – First Part Finished

I recently finished the first unit of the bathroom decorations.

The transparent stuff worked pretty well. It gave me a better grasp at the whole piece, which behaved well and didn’t tried any funny things.
Also I used more paint, so the pieces were thicker and didn’t went out of shape that much.

So for now it looks like this:

The colour of the flowers are actually more lilac, but the rest of the colours is pretty godd.

I’m thinking about flipping the next unit vertically. Like it’s mirrored … There would be two units of reeds next to each other … what do you think?

The Gladden Fields – Project – First Part Finished

4 Gedanken zu „The Gladden Fields – Project – First Part Finished

  1. Wow this is stunning! I don’t know how you should make the next panel.. but this is just so amazing. Very beautiful!

  2. REPLY:
    No, the filling stuff is the stuff you don’t see. Between the legs for example. The white stuff is pearl white. I wanted some light grey, but they don’t sell it.

  3. Nice work!
    I think mirroring is a good idea, it will give the effect of a kind of niche.
    Just out of curiosity: Did you use the filler for the body of the bird or is this white colour and the filler is used somewhere else?

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