I’m in love with ink

This is going to be about colours. To be precise it’s going to be about green. As I’ve told you already a few month ago, I’ve been drawing and painting a lot (still am) and I’m a bit obsessed with a particularly type of paint made by Rohrer & Klinger from Leipzig, Germany. The company specializes in all kinds of ink. Amongst other things they produce a series of writing ink which is really incredible for painting! I’m sure it’s incredible for writing too, but that’s for someone else to judge.

I’m especially in love with a peculiar shade called ‚Alt-Goldgrün/old golden green‘. The name says it all. This really is a green with a golden undertone. It’s a deep sort of … olive green, but when diluted with water it looses the green and becomes more … yellow- and brownish. And sometimes it’s really more ochre than green. It’s so difficult to talk about colours and hues, still I could go on for hours about how great this one is and what to do with it. But instead I think I’ll just show you:

Other colours you’re seeing here are ‚Bister‘ for a bit of earth-brown and ‚verdigris‘ (another writing ink) for all shades of blue. These colours also mix really well and make a pretty greenish … green (without the golden parts).

Also, and this is really great – albeit a bit disorienting at first – the writing ink is water-soluble, meaning you can lift of layers of dry or semi dry paint and expose all varieties of shades lying below. (Also you can ruin your entire picture by not paying attention at the right moment) You can paint with just water on your brush or just splash water over your picture and wait what happens. As you can see this is something I really love to do!

After all this praise, I think a full disclaimer is in order: This is my personal opinion, and nothing more! I love these paints and I’m not getting paid by Rohrer & Klinger or anyone. They don’t even know that I exist.

I’m in love with ink
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