My dear …

… inhabitants of the Black Forest,
you have really, really great landscape, enough to last several lifetimes, apple trees everywhere and sheep that are nosy and do not go ‚baaah‘ quite as often as one would fear.
Thumbs up!

But honestly … do you really think you can call ’sausage in a bun‘ and ‚onion pie with bacon‘ a good provision of food?
If you do not want to go for anything meat-free, why not offer cake (which comes naturally without meat) and coffee!?!

The 21st century will eventually catch up even with you, I hope.

My dear …

3 Gedanken zu „My dear …

  1. Ich musste gerade sehr über deinen Hinweis grinsen, dass Kuchen üblicherweise fleischfrei ist. XD

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