Paint my World – March

Nearly half of April is gone and I still owe you a report (and a few pictures) of my drawing activities in march. Here it comes:

In March my balance of work and spare time changed. A lot.
I had to reconsider preferences, make adjustments, chance my routine …
What’s still important is drawing, so I kept that.
There are a few days when I didn’t manage to draw at all, but they only a few and mostly weekends – strangely enough.

Also it was suggested to me to spend more time on one drawing instead of starting something new every day. This gives me more time to spend on bigger pictures, and use techniques which require long periods of just letting the paint dry.
Given suitable ideas I adopted the idea, always considering that a few pencil strokes and the thought: „I will paint that tomorrow“ does not count.

All of this, and the fact that on one day I painted the wall, leaves my with a few less pictures than should be (I still can’t account for every missing day … gnah).
Processed by: Helicon Filter; KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

As you can see I’ve been (still am) fascinated by flowering cherries and blackthorn.
Also spring.

My top five (six, because I could not decide which of the drumstick primrose paintings to use – which would you prefer?) for this month are:

paint my world - march - top 5 (6)
paint my world – march – top 5 (6)

On my bedside table there lay ‚The Art of Discworld‘ by Paul Kidby, because I think it’s sad when I see my art books just sitting on the shelf, never getting looked at. So I’ve decided to give them a chance to see a different part of the flat. Generous me.

Paint my World – March
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