Everything looks better with a frame around it

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a small exhibition near my partents hometown.

It really was a very minor thing happening, nothing big.

But as it was my first venture into the wide world of art shows and showing of your art, it was all very exiting and new to me.
I didn’t like all the tam-tam, fishing for compliments and ego boosting, but I have to say it felt oddly thrilling to see some of my pictures (I submitted four, they managed to show two of them) shown openly in public, hear people talking about them and reading descriptions fo them in the local newspaper.

This is one of the drawings they didn’t show.

I was something like a „Bunte Kuh“ there with my chestnut girdle, snail shell neclace, ringed stockings and my paintings of animated nature amidst all the watercolours and copies of modern art styles.

In some way it was very nice, especially as I did not WIN the audience award, but got a special reference for getting the second place … or somthing like that.

Also – and I don’t normally indulge myself in self-praise – the paintings really do look great with a proper passe-partout and a frame around them. Sadly I dont’t have any pictures to show you …

A thousand thanks to my dad who is something like a hobby-carpender and did all the frames for me.
Also a thousand thanks for the entity that took over my body that morning I cut the passe-partouts. I’m a very impatient person and doing these passe-partouts really was challenge for me.

Everything looks better with a frame around it
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