Monat: Mai 2012

Return to ocre

It’s time for me to tell you what I did with all the apple-bark-paint-sites I was working on … First for the sap. You may remember this yellowish looks-like-egg-paint glas? First of all I actually made some „Glue-size“ from it. I took a small strip of white linen and soaked it in the sap. After […]

Photo Contest

Some time ago I’ve told you about this ongoing photo contest hosted by the German Tolkien Society. Now the voting is over and … I’ve won! Not the first prize, but a tolal two of the three second prizes, and I think that’s more than a good result. Thanks to all of you who voted […]


Twoday, on my way back from work, while driving towards some kind of metrological showdown, I saw a perfect rainbow. If I hadn’t been late alreaddy and been so awfully hungry I would have gone and looked for … … the precious.

Going Medieval

Here’s the next part of my kitchen parade. It’s a medievally inspired dame – and one of those pictures where I go from wanting-to-paint-somthing-and-being-not-really-sure-what-it-will-be to oh-look-what-I-did without this little inbetween step of thinking-about-the-thing-I’m-going-to-paint. Dear Dreisam, since you asked … the clothes are roughly inspiered by historic pieces – but nothing more! Here’s an up to […]

The Bird Corner

Today I want to show you some paintings for the ‚House of the Freising Sun‘. Namely my bird corner It started very early with Mr Turdus. Later on there appeared these two: Also there is an eureasian nuthatch And last of all the two ‚one-swallow-doesn’t-make-a-summer‘ ones Here you can see the complete corner Do you […]


I’m driving a lot these days. I wish I could take the train – or even better the bicycle to go to work … But I can’t and I’m trying hard not to let time get wasted. So I’m doing audio books. Currently I’m hearing the BBC radio drama ‚The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy‘ […]

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