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It’s time for me to tell you what I did with all the apple-bark-paint-sites I was working on …

First for the sap.
You may remember this yellowish looks-like-egg-paint glas?

First of all I actually made some „Glue-size“ from it. I took a small strip of white linen and soaked it in the sap. After letting it go dry I repeated the process. And again. And …
I don’t remember exactly how often I did this, but I think it was about five times …

Now it looks this:

If soaked in water the paint should liquidate and be paintable againt. So much for theory, the practice is jet to come …

After this process there was still a lot of sap to go, so I poured it in another shell to let it go dry.

This is the sappy-sap,

and this ist the dried-sap.

It’s still very easy dissolvable and when painted still looks like this:

Next time wil be about the pigments.

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