Es ist heiß, es ist schwül, alles klebt und nur in die Küche zu gehen um sich Eis zu holen verlangt eine Menge an Überwindung. Aber nicht dass es nichts zu zeigen oder zu erzählen gäbe … davon hat es nämlich ne Menge und so lange es so weitergeht wird es auch beständig mehr werden. Sommerloch weiterlesen

It’ve been dreading this for a long time

… and now I’ve done it. Dropped my laptop.
Not very deep, but deep enough to break some sort of power socket.
It needs a doctor now.

Luckily I have a boyfriend who knows his way around a soldering (what an ugly word) iron and a circuit board.

With a bizarre mixture of disgruntlement and glee he sprang into action and dissected the poor machine.
Took him about two episodes of DS9.

Now our living room feels like an operating room.
Everything is DO NOT TOUCH
Theres a whole forest of screws, plastic components, motherboard, CD-drive, more screws on the book shelf …

So, what am I doing when not spending the evenings crouching before the internet and it’s november outside?

Yes, standing in the kitchen, baking.

Looking forward to saying hello to my data sometime soon.

Hanibal over Southern Germany

Erwachsensein wird völlig überbewertet says Soda who is one of the main components of Natron&Soda and author of Blog Hole Sun. (Take a look at her Blog – I especially love the titels she gives her posts. They are very creative and cool, mostly sounding like the titel of a 70’s rock song, while beeing still remotly connected to the theme of the post)

And because she’s right, of course, I’m still having the little blue elepant from the „Sendung mit der Maus“ keeping me company when driving through hilly areas – which is nearly everyday.