Contrada Della Corte

Last weekend we visited the „Peter und Paul“ festival‘ at Bretten, which is a small town somewhere eastward of Karlsruhe.
It’s some kind of annual renaissance fair including the reenactment of a battle which happend 1504 and was about the citizens of Bretten defending their home so as not to becomme a „Swabian“ town but staying a „Baden“ town. By now the whole area is a integral part of Baden-Wuertemberg but every year they remember that in truth they are people of „Baden“ only.

Apart from that it was really nice there.
There was some arabic tea, great friends, splendid jugglers, good artisans, music, food, flag throwers and a marching band. Some marching bands in fact.

Flag throwers an a marching band.

I know it sounds a bit boring, but yet …
.. you had to be there.

I’m talking about the italian group called Contrada della Corte. (I know some of you speak italian) They’re really awsome.

You may think there is an end to what you can do with one flag, and also there has to be a limited number to how many flags one person can handle, but, BUT like in juggling there’s a lot more posible than you can imagine.

They are just guys, but sometimes they look like butterflys and most of the time I just stood there wondering about what exactly they were doing.
And they acted with this sort of pomp and ado as only the italians can do…

Whatch this:

Well, here you can see only three flags, last weekend I saw some guy juggle with up to seven flags!

They don’t just do this juggling thing, they also have a bunch of choreographies which include a lot of throwing and waving.


They also have a fire show, but we didn’t stay long enough to see it (this time).

You Had To Be There!

The Gladden Fields – Project

I’m happy to declare my decision on the naming of the bathroom project.

I’m calling it The Gladden Fields Project

Hands up everyone who saw it comming!

I had a lot of reservation to choose that particular name, and I’m affraid that I there will be an increase of juwelry sock losing, but I just had to!

Also I want to share a picture with you
It’s about a crane becomming … well a crane.

I’m really hoping this transparent spacing stuff will help. I would hate to do this bird more often than necessary.

Update on the bathroom project

Windowcolor is a bitch!

I remember now why I did not do more projects with that stuff.
It takes a lot of time. You do the outline, you let it dry for some hours, you fill the spaces, you let it dry for some hours, you correct some details, you let it …
Also the finally finished pieces are awfully sticky and tensile, they tend to warp if you just look at them in the wrong way! Once they started to stick together there is almost no way to seperate them again AND retain a basic idea of the original shape.

This stuff is supposed to be for children!
How do they manage to do this little pictures you can see everywere?

Anyway … I’ve done a test piece which will be lodging in our tub for a couple of weeks to see if it likes it there. (I’ve read that some sorts of windowcolor tend to liquidate in moist environments, … so test piece)

This is how it looks like


You can see that there is only one flower left. Two didn’t survive.

I’m going to buy some of this transparent space filler stuff, maybe it will help …

Any ideas concerning a name for the project?

When things get tough

Here’s a speach Neil Gaiman gave last May:

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012

There’s also a comic strip by Gavin Aung Than, who took a bit from the middle of the speach an made it into a comic.
(Actually I read the comic first and until today had no idea what the original speach was like)

zen pencils

This speach is floating around the internet for some time now, so maybe you have seen it already.
But maybe you don’t and you’re listening to it now and you’re feeling as touched and inspired as I am right now.

Do what only you can do best.

Birds in Origami

During the last few month I’ve been sporadically folding origami figures. Beeing a bird person my motives were mostly of the feathery kind.
Both, the paper I was using, and my folding skills were not very good, so I’ve often reached my limits halfway during the instructions in the books.
Frustration: check!

Also I’ve tried wet folding (which means using a moist paper to achieve models which are more three dimensional shaped) which did’t work well because the paper expanded unevenly and also started to break.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures of origami birds

Last week Lindir gave me some original origami paper, which is much more thinner (and comes in more colours) than my cheap handicraft paper. Maybe with origami paper it’s the same as with whisky cola – it’s better when you use the real thing …

The Yet To Be Named Bathroom Project

So I have this bathroom.
It’s an ordinary bathroom, with a basin, toilet, bath tub and light blue tiles.

I’m not much of a blue person, but they are OK.
And they crave to be decorated.

So I thought about doing some kind of underwater, deep sea, landscape thingy with lots of fancy fishes, jellyfish and algae …

I’d like to use windowcolor again, because it is removable and as I’m living in a rented flat I’m not allowed to make permanent alterations, even if they are really, really gorgeous.
That’s Swabia for you.

Naturally I’d like to do art noveau style again.
Also I’d thought about doing it a bit more like a repeating pattern. One piece over and over again. With small alterations of course. There should be some tiled feeling about the whole thing. (I’m talking about the area around the bathtub, not the window – in case you’re wondering)

So, here is my first sketch for a unit of underwater landscape:



No, it’s not a „Themaverfehlung“, it’s just the way my brain works.
It’s not ab big step from underwater to marshy landscape – at least it’s not a space station. (I’m watching DS9 at the moment … )

I’ve got my models from two books.

First the crane.


This one I have also in my PC. The manipulated, gray version looks like this.


I’m planing on doing pieces with both variations. I just like them all very much and can’t decide which one to take. So I’ll rotate.

And here’s a first picture of a blue iris:

What do you think!?!


As of now you can buy prints of my pictures at Artflakes.

I’m just getting started on this, so there are only a few offers at the moment. But there will be more.
If there is any picture you’re especially interested in – please let me know!

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