J.R.R. Tolkien

.:. Mightiest and Fairest of all F-Elves .:. Of Beren’s and Lúthien’s Arrival at Thangorodrim

Well, here’s my non-dancing Lúthien. The design resulted from the Glaurung and Morgoth drawings. I must say I like it. But I like Beren’s wolf a bit more than the bat. Sorry Lúthien. .:. This post is part of the Series ‘Mightiest and Fairest of all F-Elves – Illustrating Tolkiens Silmarillion’ You will find all […]

Good Old Reliable

The folks over at the headquarter of the ‚German Tolkien Society‘ must think me nuts. Every time they announce any kind of art competition – photographs, drawing … – my name is guaranteed to pop up, entering with at least one piece of work. They really must think I have nothing better to do?

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