Useless & Priceless – My Travellog

Dörte, over at the still quite new blog Minima Muse asked us to tell her about those fairly useless possessions of ours, which we wouldn’t give up for anything in the world.

While I was writing my post about the pimping of the travel log on Friday I realized that it was exactly the thing Dörte was talking about.
So here it comes:

travel log
travel log

Our travel log

Because it’s not mine, it’s ours.
That’s one of the best features of the whole book I think. Because traveling is something I don’t really do alone and writing about it is also a together action.
It’s not one of the many single IRis projects I do, it involves anybody who is away with me. Mostly my boyfriend.

It’s fun to see how people commit to it, how everyone has his own way of telling about his impressions and finding the most ornate phrases to do so.
Also there’s drawings, pressed flowers, train tickets, telephone numbers, chocolate wrappings, and an awful lot of memories.

The book is with us since 2009 and it took me up till now to create a title for it.
A title with a story behind it.
Also a memory.

Es geht nicht um kemma eh schon!

I wasn’t a witness, I just know the tale. A story which happened to a friend of mine, got turned into a mene and tends to come back so me ever so often.
(I have tell this in story in German, because it’s a German story. To be precise, it’s an Austrian story.)

Stell dir Florenz vor, in voller Mittagshitze. Du stehst auf dem ‚Piazza della Signoria‘, bei Michelangelo’s ‚David‘, in der Hand deine tägliche Ration Kaffeeeis, welches gerade langsam oder besser gesagt schnell, vor sich hinschmilzt. Du überhörst ein Gespräch das ein österreichischer Vater, der die Gallerie in den Uffizien besuchen möchte, mit seinem Sohn führt, welche von seinem Vorschlag offenbar nicht gerade begeistert ist:

„Ach komm, des kemma eh schon…!“

„Es geht nicht um ‚kemma eh schon‘! Man muss sich überlegen OB einem etwas gefällt, und WARUM!“

Ich weiß nicht wie die Geschichte ausgeht, aber ich vermute stark dass sie sich am Ende doch angestellt haben, in der Schlange…

And thats the story of my travel log.
Wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Useless & Priceless – My Travellog
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