Paint my World – May

I’ve got your update for may – at last.

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There are some good ideas, a few discarded ones (I played with the idea of painting an ‚army of summer‘ like the spring one – it just did not work) – and not one but three paint-the-wall ones, which I’m very happy about.
But as you can see there are also a lot of pencil drawings, which ususally means that it was a day of either little inspiration or time.
Or both of it.

June so far seems to be a bit more inspired, so I’m hoping it was just a phase.
A passing phase.

Nevertheless there are pictures I’m proud of. Here are my top 5:

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I told you about the first wall painting already – it was the millenium peregrine falcon.
For the next ones you will have to wait a bit longer, because they also will have their own blog post. Soon.

Paint my World – May
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