Do you know the secret of the may-green trees?

The world suddenly turned green. Just so. I can still remember the crows sitting on bald trees and the wind howling through the branches.

Now there are blackbirds siting on green trees and the wind is breezing through the fresh leaves. Green leaves. And what a green it is!

Fresh, and bright. May green. Almost yellow.
And a few white flowers.

I’m always overwhelmed by the brightness and clearness of this new color.
And I always wonder why it does not stay this way.
Why do leaves become darker, graver, more green?
Why can’t they stay the way they are now?
Fresh and new. Green, bright and almost yellow?

Like the hills are today.
Like the rolling waves of a green sea.
Green and white and yellow.

I know why.
As I went out, exploring and taking pictures, I discovered something.

Do you notice anything?
That’s no moon! These are no leaves!
They’re flowers! Maple flowers! Every bright, unbelievably green tree you’ve seen in the last time may well be a maple tree in full bloom.
No leaves today.
.:. That’s the secret of the may green trees. .:.

green spring leaves
green spring leaves

Mind you fresh leaves still look pretty amazing.

Do you know the secret of the may-green trees?
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