Paint my World – February

Again a month has passed, and again I’m left with a pile of paper and a two questions:
‚What did you do? And do you like it?‘
And I’m so bold as to say: I painted. And yes, I like some of it. Like it a lot.

The month started a bit tough, with not much inspiration, grey light, and weather not really appropriate for the time of the year.
But it got better, the weather and my imagination. And so I’m here with some drawings that I really, really fancy.

On my bedside table there was a book from the amazing Amy Brown, I figured it might help me try do draw more figuratively. As you see, it did not.
Strangely enough what I did the best in February were light colored floral spring paintings. Not at all the thing I would have chosen … but hey, I don’t get a say in this.


The fungus family you know already, also the two anatidae ones. Also there is one other drawing that I can’t show you yet (maybe never) and also another wall painting

My top five for this month (with the time-of-the-sunset-goose as a bonus)are:


Also there is a sketch for further use on a project I may have mentioned. Can you guess it?

And, last of all, a sneak preview of the wall:

Paint my World – February

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  1. I already wanted to say this in January, good thing I did not, though, since it would have been inappropriate, obviously:
    I just love the sunset goose. I don’t care whether the sunrise duck might be more realistic. It is, in fact, my over all favourite picture so far.

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