Way up high in an apple tree

Yesterday I spent an hour typing an article about jewelery, and about how it affects our interaction with the world. I rambled on about how I like mine to be simple, DIY, and made from natural resources. I even told you about materials to use and whether or not I liked them …
But to be honest … would you like to know? Even I didn’t want to read it in the end.

So here’s the thing: I made a necklace out of apple seeds for a friend from work and I want to show it to you. During the last years I made a lot of jewelery like that and I want to show them to you too.
Because of the materials I used, and because I think they are awesome.
But not all at once, that would be too much.

So here’s said new collar.

Made from apple seeds, rocailles and thread.

And there’s some older stuff. Mostly made from apple seeds and thread with the occasional metal pearl or pine cone.

Way up high in an apple tree

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