Revisiting Elderberries pt.4

I‘ afraid I’ve run out of photos. But they don’t vary much from the ones you’ve already seen. They just get a bit bleached out.

The wet shirt looked ab bit like ‚telemagenta‘ (RAL 4010) but when dried it turned ‚blue lilac‘ (RAL 4005).
I washed it again, this time with water and soap. Again the washing water (and the shirt) turned blue. It also stayed a blueish hue after drying again.
Something like RAL 4011, ‚pearl violet‘.
I think that’s it, thats the colour it has finally decided to be.
I don’t know what will happen if I put the shirt into the washing machine, so maybe I better don’t.

Sadly it still looked a bit like an undershirt, something had to be done…
First thing of all I cut away all the lace at the collar and arms. Also I widened and shaped the neckline, and cut away something of the arms. I wanted to shape the lower … end … too, but it looks nice the way it is, so I did not.

Better and more light granted, I will make some more pictures for you. Until then, you have to use your imagination. (which will be difficult for you, because I gave such a bad description, shame on me)






Revisiting Elderberries pt.4
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