What I do like about autumn

20 Things I do like about autumn:

1. Pumpkins and everything you make from them
2. It’s not so awfully hot anymore
3. You can wear more than one layer of clothing
4. Hot tea and a good book
5. The smell of mushrooms

6. The warm, golden light of autumn afternoons
7. Apples and apple tart (and apple strudel)
8. Autumn leaves
9. Cold mornings and warm afternoons
10. Gossamer strands covered with dew

11. Rosehip bushes
12. Taking a walk in the woods
13. Chestnuts of course!
14. Fog in the valley
15. The sound a heap of dry leaves makes when you walk through it

16. Indian summer
17. black crows and an overcast sky
18. Wearing ringed stockings and boots
19. Blackberries
20. … and squirrels!

What I do like about autumn
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