Instant elderberry sap

While unpacking one of the last boxes (there are still n+1 left (n beeing the number of boxes I know about) I came upon a jar of dried elderberry sap.

On an sudden impulse I filled it up with water and a few moments later:

After a couple of hours and some vigorous shaking I had a whole bottle of elderberry sap.

I pomptly heated it up and put in some hydrous clay.
The result looked something like blueberry youghurt:

And after a few days the thing was totally dry – and looked like some lavender miniature of a dead, sunbaked desert. (I had a great picture for you – but I lost it. Shame on me)
And it behaved exactly like rock. Meaning: I could do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

As a last resort I added again some water and put it to dry, not in a saucer, but as a thin layer on a plastic bag.
The future remains exiting!

Instant elderberry sap
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