Book shelf pt.3

I’m a bit worried about the Tolkien stuff.

There ist so much of it! I’ve already moved it to a langer level, but there is still more to come.

I’ve counted, there are four copies of ‚The Silmarillion (two in german, two in english), five copies of ‚The Hobbit‘ (one in german, four in english) and eight (!) copies of ‚The Lord of the Rings‘ ( two in german, six in english)
I haven’t checked but I suspect they all tell the same story.

Don’t ask!

I think I’ve bought 1 ‚Hobbit‘ and 1/3 ‚Lord of the Rings‘ and I think my boyfriend, who is not here to confirm it, has bought about 1 set and a few of the secondary works.

Please don’t ask!

I think we have to many books. Books are good. Need more books.

Book shelf pt.3
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