Dear BeRúThiel …

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  1. REPLY:
    there’s an observant reader!

    If I remember correctly your bathroom window is much smaller than the one I painted.
    Maybe it would work … ?
    But you have to consider the perspectivical distortion, I think it would be awkward – but than again windowcolor is always awkward

  2. and honored to read my name in the title. At first I had the irrational fear that the only thing that could follow an earnest „Dear Beruthiel …“ would be „please stop spamming my comments, you scare away the other readers.“

    Anyway, you are surely right, reason has won, I won’t take out my bathroom window. Even though it should not be a problem if it rains, only my bathtub would be flooded. It has complicated hinges, too …

    Congratulations on having obviously found a name for the project! Even though it seems a bit ominous, with an implication that losing jewellery could occur on a regular basis, I like it very much.

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