Update on the bathroom project

Windowcolor is a bitch!

I remember now why I did not do more projects with that stuff.
It takes a lot of time. You do the outline, you let it dry for some hours, you fill the spaces, you let it dry for some hours, you correct some details, you let it …
Also the finally finished pieces are awfully sticky and tensile, they tend to warp if you just look at them in the wrong way! Once they started to stick together there is almost no way to seperate them again AND retain a basic idea of the original shape.

This stuff is supposed to be for children!
How do they manage to do this little pictures you can see everywere?

Anyway … I’ve done a test piece which will be lodging in our tub for a couple of weeks to see if it likes it there. (I’ve read that some sorts of windowcolor tend to liquidate in moist environments, … so test piece)

This is how it looks like


You can see that there is only one flower left. Two didn’t survive.

I’m going to buy some of this transparent space filler stuff, maybe it will help …

Any ideas concerning a name for the project?

Update on the bathroom project

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  1. I tried to work with windowcolour some time ago and the result was … questionable. It wouldn’t stick to the Window. Then it tangled up, wherupon it suddenly turned quite sticky enough … (I recently read „three men in a boat“ and there is a bit about towlines and how they keep entangling if you don’t look. Reminded me.)
    I still have it somewhere, but it will never come apart again anyway, so I should probably just throw ist away.

    If you’d like I’ll also ask my nieces (age 4 and 7) for advice. They seem to have grasped what neither of us could manage properly … but I guess the problem is the following: have you looked at the childrens‘ pictures? They are normally quite compact. Mostly fish. In the bathroom anyway. I’ve never seen really thin pieces on them. Also they are considerably smaller. So the filling thing should help. Alas, you can always see ist, so maybe you’d want to consider making it part of the artistic concept all along.

    By the way, how did you do your window back in the old apartment? (I’ve always had the suspicion that you just took it out one fine summer’s day)

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