Monat: Juni 2012

When things get tough

Here’s a speach Neil Gaiman gave last May: Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 There’s also a comic strip by Gavin Aung Than, who took a bit from the middle of the speach an made it into a comic. (Actually I read the comic first and until today had no […]

Birds in Origami

During the last few month I’ve been sporadically folding origami figures. Beeing a bird person my motives were mostly of the feathery kind. Both, the paper I was using, and my folding skills were not very good, so I’ve often reached my limits halfway during the instructions in the books. Frustration: check! Also I’ve tried […]


As of now you can buy prints of my pictures at Artflakes. I’m just getting started on this, so there are only a few offers at the moment. But there will be more. If there is any picture you’re especially interested in – please let me know!


I still want to show you my adventures with the apple bark. I told you about making the pigments. Now I tried to turn them into some watercolour paint. The recipe itself is easy: You take one part (e.g. one teaspoon) of gum arabic and two parts of destiled water (or water that had been […]

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