The wall had it coming

New drawing!
It’s one of those make-do pictures.
The wall next to our dishwasher got a few stains.
Our previous tennant had painted the wall yellow so there was no way of mending it without painting the whole side of the kitchen anew.
I went looking for the old wall paint I used years ago (because it’s waterproof) and guess what! It’s still OK after 10 years!
We had some latex paint too but sadly not the colourless variety.

As you may remember I had a vaguely similar problem in my old flat.
As you may remember I came up with this solution

This time I made every stain into a flower (because it’s springtime), and then I made some more flowers, and some dots and finally – because I couldn’t help myself – a good deal more dots.
I like it.

What do you want me to paint next?
I thought about doing more Tolkien.
Also and there’s an ugly mirror in the bathroom which needs attention.
And I’d like some Futurama somewhere …
And some Dr. Who!

The wall had it coming

3 Gedanken zu „The wall had it coming

  1. Ohhh, nice flowers 🙂 Very pretty „stains“.

    Mhhhm what about a Tardis Lantern? I’ve seen a lantern shaped like a (red) telephone box yesterday in a store and I’m seriously pondering getting it because how awesome is that? A telephone lantern?? Just, I don’t really need it….. I have no garden or whatever :/

  2. REPLY:
    There is a Tardis, but it’s just swooooshing away. You know that second when it’s not visible, just before it reapears?
    I thought about painting the wardrobe blue, but that would be cheap – and it’s not really that big.

  3. I like this stain-b-gone solution even better than the old one 🙂

    What to paint next … Futurama would be nice but Doctor Who, yes. But Doctor Who is what you’ll do (it even rhymes). How can your flat be complete without a Tardis?

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