Weekly Photos Challenge – symmetry

engl. symmetry – Symmetrie, Ebenmaß

Nachdem ich nun einige Zeit unmotiviert in der Stadtim Dorf unterwegs war, auf der Suche nach Fachwerkgiebeln, Brunnenornamenten und schönen Hauseingängen und schließlich einigermaßen frustriert wieder zu Hause ankam, musste ich feststellen dass sich die schönsten Symmetrien doch schon die ganze Zeit vor meiner Nase befanden. Weekly Photos Challenge – symmetry weiterlesen

I’m not done yet

I’ve folded a lot more origami birds over the past days.

And just as I got bored by the easy patterns
the web presented me with a bundle of new patterns which are to complicated for my present state of mind.

So I started modifying the familiar ones.
And some of my results look actually a bit like real birds.
Well … with a lot of goodwill.


I think this one looks a bit like a tit.




And this one may be a sparrow.


Or that.



I like it when the paper goes all soft and ductile. In some ways origami is more about sculpting than about acurate folding.
I used these patterns as a basis for my birds:the dove and a flying bird.

I’m recently into Origami

Sometimes your just can’t resist.

I have a friend who is deeply into Origami.
He made me this tesselation – just for fun.

I’m not a very accurate person, Origami was always some sort of my Nemesis for that.
But twoday I sat down used up all my wrapping paper and folded some birds.

I started with this dove.

I made a rooster too, and a canary, but with the last scrap of paper I made this flying bird, which is more or less the thing I was aming at.

Here you can see the „square“ in the middle:


Memo to self: buy Origami paper (the hardest part was to cut a square that really is a square)

As I said,
sometimes easy is not enough.
Sometimes you have to go for the stuff that’s a tiny bit more difficult.
Sometimes you just can’t resist.
There’s a whole world of folding out there. I’m scratching just the surface.