The wall had it coming

New drawing!
It’s one of those make-do pictures.
The wall next to our dishwasher got a few stains.
Our previous tennant had painted the wall yellow so there was no way of mending it without painting the whole side of the kitchen anew.
I went looking for the old wall paint I used years ago (because it’s waterproof) and guess what! It’s still OK after 10 years!
We had some latex paint too but sadly not the colourless variety.

As you may remember I had a vaguely similar problem in my old flat.
As you may remember I came up with this solution

This time I made every stain into a flower (because it’s springtime), and then I made some more flowers, and some dots and finally – because I couldn’t help myself – a good deal more dots.
I like it.

What do you want me to paint next?
I thought about doing more Tolkien.
Also and there’s an ugly mirror in the bathroom which needs attention.
And I’d like some Futurama somewhere …
And some Dr. Who!

It’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike yellow

I think I’ve made some pigments. May as well be dirt, I’m not sure.

Remember the colour-sap?
I carefully added a few teaspoons of soda-water (sodium carbonate and water) to the sap. The Book said to use only a few drops but I ended using up about half a cup.
The sap begun to foam, which it should.
After vigorous stirring, the foam was sifted through a thin cloth.
A layer of … foamy, muddy, greasy stuff remained and was stored in the sun to dry.

Now it looks like this, and it should be pigment.
Also it should be yellow.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not really impressed.
Nevertheless I will consult The Book and try to make watercolours out of it. One can never have enough ochre.

The remaining liquid seems to be also a kind of ochre.

and when painted and dried looks like this:


I don’t know what to do with it.
Maybe I’ll add some gum arabic to make ink.
Or I’ll concentrate it further to make these shell-thingies again.
Or I soak some tissue to make „Glue-size“ (the german term is „Tüchleinfarbe“)
Or …
So much possibilities!
What do you thing?

I’m not done yet

I’ve folded a lot more origami birds over the past days.

And just as I got bored by the easy patterns
the web presented me with a bundle of new patterns which are to complicated for my present state of mind.

So I started modifying the familiar ones.
And some of my results look actually a bit like real birds.
Well … with a lot of goodwill.


I think this one looks a bit like a tit.




And this one may be a sparrow.


Or that.



I like it when the paper goes all soft and ductile. In some ways origami is more about sculpting than about acurate folding.
I used these patterns as a basis for my birds:the dove and a flying bird.

tastes like cardboard

I’m afraid when it comes to rye flour I’m a little prejudiced.
I don’t like the greyish colour, the dough is sticky and smells funnny – and I think it tasts like cardboard.

Nevertheless you need it to make such great things as bread!
Which I have.


Annika over at ‚im grünen Himmel‘ has this ongoing series on taking little steps to self-sufficiency.
Her last entry was about baking bread.
I took a simple recipe and it was indeed very easy. Time-consuming, but easy to make and I have control over every single ingredient.
AND it tastes great!

I have to do this again some time soon (if only because I have a glass of sourdough in the refrigerator …).