Let me tell you something about goldenrod.

It’s amazing! I put it in a pot, added a bit of water and some alum, and: puff!


I’m doing shell-paint at the moment and later it will be pigments again. Haven’t decided about which method to use but it looks promising.
More promising than the sunflowers ever did.

Awardse bzw Awardösen

Die liebe Alexia hat mir einen Award verliehen. Oder zwei, ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher ;). Aber ich denke sie meine Beide.
(Heute schreibe ich mal auf Deutsch – einfach weil mir danach ist)

liebster blog



Solche Awards zirkulieren ja schon seit gefühlten Ewigkeiten durchs Netz und nun sind sie also auch bei mir gelandet, was mich natürlich freut.

Natürlich hat so ein Award auch seine Regeln, die ich auch prompt missachten werde:

1. Poste den Award auf deinem Blog
2. Verlinke denjenigen der dir den Award geschenkt hat
3. Schenke 10 Bloggern diesen Award
4. Benachrichtige die Blogger, dass sie einen Award gewonnen haben
5. Der Award sollte nur an Blogger mit weniger als 250 Lesern gehen

Eine Awardrunde muss nämlich auch mal ein Ende finden, am besten noch bevor JEDER mal dran war. Sonst machts ja keinen Spaß.

Und deshalb erkläre ich diesen Blog hiermit zur Award-Sackgasse.
‚Bitte gehen Sie weiter, es gibt nichts zu sehen‘

Ich hoffe ihr nehmt es mir nicht übel 🙂

Not really mortar and pestle

… but pestle and a glass slab.

I’ve made a rule out of using the things I already have and not buying anything new. So far it’s working fine.

Here you can see what’s become of the geranium-tomato sauce:

I grind it with said slab and pestle,

making fine pigments which are alarmingly whitish.

But after mixing them with water and gum arabic they turn dark again and end up beeing a dark, burgundy red colour (wich I will show you some other time.)

The painting experience is a bit like painting with what in germany is called ‚Wasserfarben‘ – you have to stir a bit to get some paint on your brush.

That’s why I love ‚Altweibersommer‘

It makes me do things. Not only want-to but actually do-do.

Last weekend, sitting under a linden tree, I started collecting the seed vessels and now I’m going to stick pins into them to be able to thread them on a string later.
I’m in jewellery mode again.

And yesterday I went to not only fix my saddle but also to collect some goldenrod and elderberrys, so now it’s vegetable colour again too.


It’s oh so quiet

I’ve been very quiet for some time now, I know.

It’s partly because I’m still working too much,
but also because I’ve received visitors, concentrated on my gardening articles and also becauce it’s too hot to do anything other than complain.

But what with the end of august (and everything after) that’s going to change.

Good news everyone!

As of now I’m moving my gardening articles to Experiment Selbstversorgung.

Michael and Lisa have invited me I’ve invited myself to write non-regular guest posts about my experiences on urban gardening on their blog.
I’m looking forward to contributing to this extraordinary project.

My first post may sound familiar (I’m doing some recycling) – it also may sound german, do not be alarmed …

Like it’s a piece of Aglarond

Do you see this?
The geranium sap shell (gss) is all crystal like a pretty little geode.

I took a lot of pictures, and you have to watch them ALL!

Do you know what’s great?


It dissolves really easy in water.

Making it very easy to soak up paint with a brush and … well paint.

OK, there are just five pictures but I like them.