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It’s time for me to tell you what I did with all the apple-bark-paint-sites I was working on …

First for the sap.
You may remember this yellowish looks-like-egg-paint glas?

First of all I actually made some „Glue-size“ from it. I took a small strip of white linen and soaked it in the sap. After letting it go dry I repeated the process. And again. And …
I don’t remember exactly how often I did this, but I think it was about five times …

Now it looks this:

If soaked in water the paint should liquidate and be paintable againt. So much for theory, the practice is jet to come …

After this process there was still a lot of sap to go, so I poured it in another shell to let it go dry.

This is the sappy-sap,

and this ist the dried-sap.

It’s still very easy dissolvable and when painted still looks like this:

Next time wil be about the pigments.

Photo Contest

Some time ago I’ve told you about this ongoing photo contest hosted by the German Tolkien Society.
Now the voting is over and …

I’ve won!

Not the first prize, but a tolal two of the three second prizes, and I think that’s more than a good result.
Thanks to all of you who voted for me!

And for all the non-tolkien-people out there who are curious what I’m actually talking about – here are the two pictures I‘ve handed in:

Yavannas Garden

The Garden of Yavanna


The Elves are fetching their Silver Lamps

Lindir, Ronja this one’s for both of you

Going Medieval

Here’s the next part of my kitchen parade.
It’s a medievally inspired dame – and one of those pictures where I go from wanting-to-paint-somthing-and-being-not-really-sure-what-it-will-be to oh-look-what-I-did without this little inbetween step of thinking-about-the-thing-I’m-going-to-paint.

Dear Dreisam, since you asked … the clothes are roughly inspiered by historic pieces – but nothing more!

Here’s an up to date view of the comlpete piece.

Hope you like it

The Bird Corner

Today I want to show you some paintings for the ‚House of the Freising Sun‘. Namely my bird corner

It started very early with Mr Turdus.

Later on there appeared these two:

Also there is an eureasian nuthatch

And last of all the two ‚one-swallow-doesn’t-make-a-summer‘ ones

Here you can see the complete corner

Do you like it?
I liked it a lot!
I Think of doing something similar here in this flat. Just have to find the right spot.


I’m driving a lot these days.
I wish I could take the train – or even better the bicycle to go to work …
But I can’t and I’m trying hard not to let time get wasted.
So I’m doing audio books.
Currently I’m hearing the BBC radio drama ‚The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy‘ by Douglas Adams – again.
Next will be ‚The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul‘ also by Douglas Adams – also again.
In the fall of 2012 it will be ‚The Lord Of The Rings‘ like every year.
Between and afterwards it’s an open road …
Any recommondations you have – throw them at me!

You know me … I’m interested the history of fantasy and fairy literature, also science fiction, really good contemporary fantasy, classics, fairy tales and all sorts of nerdy, geeky stuff.


Back in Bavaria a colleague and good friend of mine promised me a fare-ye-well present. Now it arrived and it’s an awesome model of a victorian-style glasshouse!
It’s made of some thin, minted metal … sort of sheets and you have to fold it and put it together yourself.
Which cost me the better part of an evening. Which is quite easy.
It’s finished now and looking only a bit battered.

Thank you Micha! I love you for this! It’s already inhabited!
First the gargoyle wanted to move in but there was not enough room …
Now there is a baby dragon living there, complete with his own little slice of forest

Here are more impressions: