Origami …

… is not good for me.

Sadly not in the oh-my-god-I’m-so-obsessed-I-hardly-do-anything-other-than kind of way.

Sometimes I have trouble with my right hand. Some kind of chronic sinew irritation …
I’ve long hesitated but in the end I had to admit: folding makes it worse.

So that’s it folks. At least for the near future I really should restrain from doing to much paperwork.

And then we will see…

Birds in Origami

During the last few month I’ve been sporadically folding origami figures. Beeing a bird person my motives were mostly of the feathery kind.
Both, the paper I was using, and my folding skills were not very good, so I’ve often reached my limits halfway during the instructions in the books.
Frustration: check!

Also I’ve tried wet folding (which means using a moist paper to achieve models which are more three dimensional shaped) which did’t work well because the paper expanded unevenly and also started to break.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures of origami birds

Last week Lindir gave me some original origami paper, which is much more thinner (and comes in more colours) than my cheap handicraft paper. Maybe with origami paper it’s the same as with whisky cola – it’s better when you use the real thing …

Arabesque Flourish

A couple of weeks ago we finally went to the ‚Casa della Lindir‘ to fetch the origami picture I told you about.
It really is gorgeous! To think that it’s just one piece of paper … and these great columnlike, arabesquish … structures, reminding me above all of greek architecture … *sigh*

It’s hanging on our window now – it kept on falling down but it finally surrendered and remained fixed.

The passe-partout has a beautiful ruby colour, a bit like the one on this blog, only deeper.
I like how the light is shining through the paper, becoming this deep yellow shade – surrounded by ruby.

Here’s some details:

You can see the pre-folding lines. There all over the piece. Imagine the effort!

Once again: Thank you very much my dear!
I’m looking forward to the many more things you will create in the future!
Happy folding!

I’m not done yet

I’ve folded a lot more origami birds over the past days.

And just as I got bored by the easy patterns
the web presented me with a bundle of new patterns which are to complicated for my present state of mind.

So I started modifying the familiar ones.
And some of my results look actually a bit like real birds.
Well … with a lot of goodwill.


I think this one looks a bit like a tit.




And this one may be a sparrow.


Or that.



I like it when the paper goes all soft and ductile. In some ways origami is more about sculpting than about acurate folding.
I used these patterns as a basis for my birds:the dove and a flying bird.

I’m recently into Origami

Sometimes your just can’t resist.

I have a friend who is deeply into Origami.
He made me this tesselation – just for fun.

I’m not a very accurate person, Origami was always some sort of my Nemesis for that.
But twoday I sat down used up all my wrapping paper and folded some birds.

I started with this dove.

I made a rooster too, and a canary, but with the last scrap of paper I made this flying bird, which is more or less the thing I was aming at.

Here you can see the „square“ in the middle:


Memo to self: buy Origami paper (the hardest part was to cut a square that really is a square)

As I said,
sometimes easy is not enough.
Sometimes you have to go for the stuff that’s a tiny bit more difficult.
Sometimes you just can’t resist.
There’s a whole world of folding out there. I’m scratching just the surface.