Update on the Yellow Front

Yesterday I cooked the apple bark with water and alum for about an hour. (Making a high concentrated Alum-Solution is not that simple, I have to find another way for doing this.)
And now I have about 200 ml of something that looks a bit like this colours you use to dye your eastereggs with. It has a layer of crystals at the bottom which I’m hoping to dissolve by careful heating.

Next thing I have to do is to precipitate the Yellow and thereby not to muck up the Kitchen.


I spent the Weekend at my parents to check up with my hibernating plants (a lot of which seem to have died), meet up with a bunch of friends (all alive and healthy) and pick up a bag of apple-tree-bark from an apple-tree-branch my father saw of a couple of weeks ago.

The book says there is a yellow colour hidden in somewere therein.
And I intend to go looking for it!
The next step is to cook the bark with an alum-solution.

Wish me luck.