I’m driving a lot these days.
I wish I could take the train – or even better the bicycle to go to work …
But I can’t and I’m trying hard not to let time get wasted.
So I’m doing audio books.
Currently I’m hearing the BBC radio drama ‚The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy‘ by Douglas Adams – again.
Next will be ‚The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul‘ also by Douglas Adams – also again.
In the fall of 2012 it will be ‚The Lord Of The Rings‘ like every year.
Between and afterwards it’s an open road …
Any recommondations you have – throw them at me!

You know me … I’m interested the history of fantasy and fairy literature, also science fiction, really good contemporary fantasy, classics, fairy tales and all sorts of nerdy, geeky stuff.


Back in Bavaria a colleague and good friend of mine promised me a fare-ye-well present. Now it arrived and it’s an awesome model of a victorian-style glasshouse!
It’s made of some thin, minted metal … sort of sheets and you have to fold it and put it together yourself.
Which cost me the better part of an evening. Which is quite easy.
It’s finished now and looking only a bit battered.

Thank you Micha! I love you for this! It’s already inhabited!
First the gargoyle wanted to move in but there was not enough room …
Now there is a baby dragon living there, complete with his own little slice of forest

Here are more impressions:



On Good Friday Zelde over at Indigobirds did a very lovely review of my blog.
„Thank you my Dear! I’m feeling very honoured and a bit embarrassed too.“

You may want to visit her blog from time to time.


I’ve known Zelde for some time now, at first from the big-bad-needlework-online-forum and later from her blog. (Actually I’ve got a shirt and a tunic that she sewed for me in the course of some fantasy-swapping-activity. I don’t know if she remembers it.)


Although originally from the German speaking area, she’s been living in London for years now , studying physics and creating a lot of creative output. Her blog was created to document her sewing and knitting activities and to gain more motivation for her projects.


Today we find a much broader variety of topics on her blog. The handiwork was joined by cooking, photography, decorating, baking … and of course living a daily life in London.


Over the last weeks she has given her blog a great deal of attention, made some changes and right now it’s looking really great and shiny.

Keep going my Dear!


Last Sunday

Taking a bus ride across the swabian hinterland into the Black Forest to get some antibiotics for my sick boyfriend is really not the way I wanted to spend last Sunday but I got no vote in this.

There is but one thing you have on this journeys, and tha’s landscape.
Youŕe sitting in the bus, just looking outside – and landscape happens. It’s still all very brown and dry and dead … but once in a while there is a cluster of yellow or violet spring-crocus, quite alone in the world … and if you tilt your head to the left and if you squinny a bit and if your try really hard you can just imagine to be somewhere on the Balkan Peninsula, with the wind and the steppe …

Inspriation is a funny thing.

I’m drawing again. I’m afraid there are no pictures for you yet.
But you have Mr. Tulip who will be joining you this evening.

art noveau

I’m deeply in love with art nouveau. It feels like … home.
I don’t know if itś just me or do you have similar feelings about a particular period of art?

When I’m looking at art nouveau paintings or sculptures, by Aubrey Beardsley, Alphonse Mucha, or Auchentaller … I have this peculiar feeling of … coming home. Something deep in me responds strongly to these ornamental, floral designs, full of symbolic Importance and longing … it feels right. True, good and beautiful.

And right now I’m feeling the strong need to go and paint some flowery squiggles in the bedroom …