Is this where I get off?

I’m seriously thinking about changing the language in which I write this blog.
Italian is such an effective lingo …
Yea, well, no, I’m talking about the German language of course.

I know, me and the tongue of this blog – It’s like some weird on/off relationship, you feel the need to roll you’re eyes at it.

But you know why I’m thinking about switching again?
Someone told me a few days ago I had an odd way of speaking, a strange grammar, an English style grammar …
Not good that is.
True I like reading and watching English media, I write in English to practice my skills, I like the way you can express yourself in English … But maybe this has gone far enough. Maybe I need to practice my German skills now?
What do you think?

I know you’re not prone to answer my questions, comment on this blog, but I would really like to hear what you think about this one.
Maybe you can tell me in person if you’re shy of typing … ?

Is this where I get off?
Nach oben scrollen