When painting a flowerbed, do it one step at a time pt.2

Another part of my hallway flowerbed is finished.
Here it comes:

hallway flowerbed
hallway flowerbed

In august I was busy. Apart from creating decorations and presents for afore-said wedding I also spent a few days (not just one) working on my hallway flowerbed.

The weather was already Indian summer-ish outside, so I decided to paint something appropriate inside too.
I painted a plant botanically called Hylotelephium spectabile. In English its ‚live-forever‘, in German it’s ‚Fetthenne‘. Sounds funny, but it’s true.

Also I „planted“ an aster.
(bot.: aster, engl.: aster, germ.: aster – some plants are just boring)

And – because I just love them – some bellflowers.

What do you think?

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Die Rote IRis

Die Rote IRis

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