VBB – Vintage Beverage Blackboard

I built myself a geeky blackboard, advertising a fictional vintage brewery.
Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.

A Praise of Advertising Posters…

I really like good advertising. Not because of the products or brands or because I like shopping. I just like the art of a good ad campaign.  I’m not going to buy a new car, but I like the  barking Star Wars dogs. I like understatement and creativity.
And I like the old ones, from the times when advertising still was real advertising, when artists, even Alphonse Mucha painted promotional posters.
Imagine living in a world where street advertising looks like this…

…and Blackboards

What I also like are these old blackboards, you still see in decent down-to-earth Bavarian and Swabian inns. They are sponsored by beverage companies mostly breweries. Mostly they look something like this. The brewery may change but the basic concept remains unchanged. I’ve always wanted one of these for myself. Not sure where to put it or what to do with it …

DIY, like always

Buying one was somehow out of the question, my subconscious decided that I had to build it myself. I wouldn’t use the logo of an existing company. I wanted to create something for myself. My own geeky brewery, my own brand of beer or lemonade …
And with the success of my last venture in this area in mind I sat back and waited for inspiration to kick in. It took a while, but I was not disappointed.

I chose the classical approach. Black, white and red. It always works. And with Almdudler in mind I created my own brand of herbal lemonade.

I used masking tape, wall paint, a sponge and a really patient mood to transfer the logo onto the board. It worked surprisingly well. I still had to correct some of the letters and fill the edges but that was to be expected.
And like I said now I just have to figure out where to put and what to do with it …

Well, you can’t go wrong with ‚Goldberry‘, can’t you?

VBB – Vintage Beverage Blackboard
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