Everyday Mystery

Everyday on my way to work I walk past a patch of paving. Just big enough to be a parking space. Just it isn’t. There’s a stretch of rope in front of it preventing any form of standing or staying on it.

It’s barren and unused. There’s nothing on it apart from the rope and a junction box, which got run over at least one time in the last few months.

I’m quite puzzled. It looks like something that’s under construction, like there’s going to be some change soon. But nothing changes, except the rope was put up, replacing an old folding chair which also had a blockadish function.


Do you think there is some kind of compensation area for plant nurseries? Like when building motorways you have to make up for tarring mile after mile by planting trees or building pools? For every nursery you build you must seal up a given area of land?


Everyday Mystery
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