Paint my World – June

Once more a month has passed,
and once more I want to show you what I’ve done in the meantime.
Please, take a look.

Paint my World - June
Paint my World – June

I’ve given up the plan to paint while I’m away at my parents. You would think I would have lots of time when I’m there – time and inspiration. But I don’t, there’s so much else going on – it’s OK.

It didn’t feel like it in while it lasted, but I really like what I’ve done in June. Nature really was inspiring. I had quite a hard time selecting my top five.
But I managed it and here they are:

Top 5 in June
Top 5 in June

I quite like the flying seeds. As I couldn’t decide which one’s the best – I took all three. Also there’s the foxglove and the orchid primrose, which had a close run with the bellflower.

You may have noticed the ballpoint drawing?
I have it as an extra picture for you, because there is so much to find in it.
This is what happens when you put me in a boring hotel room, full with boring people, absolving a boring training course. Have fun.

June bonus

Can you tell how many people there are?

Paint my World – June
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