The Vest’s New Clothes

There are some patched I made to make an old vest (from a previous job) more wearable again. I really like the way they turned out to be.

There is a castle vest

There is a red soft shell vest I’ve kept liberated from my last job.
It’s color is a bit too much red, the fitting is a bit too loose and the company logo is embroidered in a green that is a bit too shrill to be real. On top of that it’s got my name embroidered on it in just the same unrealistic tone.

Apart from that it’s really comfy. It keeps me warm on the torso, cool on the arms and it’s a nice protection against soft rain and wind.
So I’d rather keep it.

What’s to be done?

I decided to do some embroidery myself and make a patch to go over the company logo. Can’t be that hard, can’t it?

It wasn’t. (Having thick enlarging spectacle glasses and a huge stock of thread helps)

Needless to say that it had to be something flowery botanical nerdy.
My first Idea was to do something in the style of a nineties university baseball team. Maybe you know what I mean? Something like this.

‚TEAM YAVANNA‘ springs to mind.

The design got a bit away from me – no surprise there.
Also I changed the writing at short notice, now it sounds:


This, I feel is a bit more appropriate than the previous version.
What do you think?

Two Patches

And that are the final patches in all their glory and already on the vest.
I like the two trees. With all the leaves. and the grass … !

I made the second patch, to cover up the other side, the one with my initials on it, because

Nobody needs to know my name!“

Needless to say that up till now nobody spotted the Tolkien reference or made any comment at all.

The Vest’s New Clothes
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