One thousand eleph- no, the other blue thing…crocus!

About two weeks ago I visited ‚Zavelstein‚ which is, among other things, famous for it’s Crocus fields. It’s a health resort at the border of the ‚Swabian Black Forest‘, the kind of place you visit when you’re over a certain age, like the quiet, nature and good cake.
They even have a mineral spring and a castle, which is now a ruin.

Bad Teinach - Zavelstein
Bad Teinach – Zavelstein

What they don’t have is good hiking paths and good signposting.
And yes, there are crocus, but you have to find them for yourself.
Find them I did. Lots of.

It’s a great view. Fields upon fields of small blue flowers. You take one step, a dozen more appear at the edge of your vision. You take one step …

So if you’re in the area around this time next year and don’t mind walking upon country roads and guessing directions I can really recommend a visit to the crocus fields!

One thousand eleph- no, the other blue thing…crocus!
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